TrackThings for Safety & Security

Protect your people, assets and premises

Introducing state of the art video analytics capabilities for enhanced safety and security. Operating on the edge.

Protect your premises, assets, and people by using our ready to use, edge-based Video Analytics specialized for safety and security.
With features such as Intrusion Detection, Loitering alerts, License Plate Recognition (LPR), Camera Tampering Detection, Camera Position Shift Detection, Fall Detection, and PPE Detection, we empower you to proactively prevent suspicious activities, monitor restricted areas, detect tampering or interference, ensure personnel safety, and maintain compliance with safety standards.
Whether you need to secure a retail store, a warehouse, a parking lot, or a construction site, our video analytics suite will provide you with real-time alerts and insights that help you act before it’s too late.
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Safety & Security


Increase safety


Privacy compliant and cost effective


Fully integrated


Be in control

Thanks to VI's TrackThings platform, BUKO Waakt is able to deliver the best Video Analytics available in the market to our customers.

99% of false alarms are filtered by TrackThings, thereby significantly increasing the quality in the control room. This ensures that the control room pays attention to what really needs attention!

The solution is user-friendly and scalable, which is why it fits in really well with the large number of units that we rent out as BUKO.

VI has a very pleasant team to work with. You can tell that the team has a consulting and enterprise background. They think along, want to understand your business and contribute to the growth of our business.

Bob Honout

BUKO Waakt

Partnering with Vision Intelligence has been a great decision for Adhetec. The versatility of the TrackThings suite has allowed us to deliver custom solutions for many railroad usecases to our customers.

As all solutions operate on the edge, we were able to scale the solution to many camera’s ourselves, ensuring a very (cost)-effective workflow. The VI team's commitment to excellence and their fast, flexible approach make them an invaluable partner for us!

Rick Arts

Manager– Adhetec

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