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Get your location specific, adaptable video analytics solution. Implemented at scale and integrated with your VMS, EMS or management system!

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What we offer

Let’s configure the video analytics solution that works for you!

Detect any object of interest with business logic that works for your scenario’s. Go beyond security and discover key insights on your dashboard.

On the Edge

Detect any object of interest

Detect and identify ANY custom object. From company car to forklift, from a monkey to a hardhat, from a container to a postal package. As long as you can see it with your eyes, we can identify it as an object. What objects are you looking for to detect?

Your scenario

Business logic that that works for your scenario’s

We understand that you have specific business needs that might require advanced business logic. No problem! Our Any Object Detection Platform enables us to rapidly create industry-specific Video Analytics solutions. How would you describe the business logic you are looking for?

At scale

Improve core processes with enhanced analytics

Go beyond security and get the business insights you’ve always wanted. Integrated with your VMS, EMS and management systems. Or through our insights and analytics platform.

How we help

Implemented in 2-4 weeks

Our collection of building blocks allows us to configure your solution rapidly and at scale. All solutions are open to adapt to specific locations and business requirements.

Extremely accurate
Never miss a critical event and don’t get overwhelmed by false positives events. We will use your location specific cameras to configure the solution. This enables us to reach extreme high accuracy levels. No video data quality loss in compression and transmission as we operate directly on the video source.
On the edge
Save costs, protect privacy and increase security! All solutions are designed to be able to run on the camera.
Only upload the events and images to a VMS or EMS in case certain conditions are met.
Custom & adaptable
Your business or locations might require custom business logic. We tailer the solution towards your situation as it is now. And what if the future changes? No worries, the solution will be adaptable to ensure you are ready for the future and have peace of mind today.
Real time analytics and events
Respond to critical business events in milliseconds! Whether it is a hiccup in your production process, queuing in your retail store or an intruder. Get notified immediately! Our solutions run real-time and we can guarantee latencies below 50 milliseconds.
Manage all cameras in one place
We understand you have potentially many camera’s and locations to manage. Get an instant overview of all of your cameras and performance KPIs to help you to keep improving.
Your business insights
Our solutions can be integrated with your VMS, EMS or management systems. Get the business insights you’ve always wanted and generate the insights from the platforms you are already used to. Want us to create a custom KPI dashboard? No problem!


A selection of our partners

Our solutions are natively integrated in the Axis Application platform ship as ACAP’s, utilizing Axis DLPU chips.

Our platform can integrate with the Microsoft Azure IoT suite directly. Ingest events and telemetry data or configure our solution via a secure cloud backend.

Our solutions can be integrated with your VMS, EMS or management systems. Just let us know what you would like to use!


Our platform enables us to bring premium video analytics solutions rapidly across many industries.

Warehousing & Logistics

Transform your warehouse into a smart environment
Pallet/parcel tracking, count and zone detection
Measure fill rates of containers/trucks
Optimize Yard and dock management
Increase operational efficiency
Reduce health and safety risks
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Real time slip & fall alarms and status changes on the room and client
Reliability at its core. Overload of false alarms belong to the past
Seamless integration with our partners' healthcare platforms
Automated scene detection: easy to install
Privacy compliant and cost effective
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Manufacturing & Industry

PPE compliance detection (hard hats, safety glasses and much more)
Smoke, fire and leakage detection (e.g. in Oil & Gas industry)
Guard no-go area/zone based on time and high valuable equipment
Objects, tools or vehicles left unattended.
Automate maintenance by using our predictive maintenance solution
Act on real time insights in setbacks in your production line
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Secure your critical areas
Queue management: Increase sales and customer experience
Reduce losses at open entrances in stores
Act immediately in case of an emergency
Get notified when emergency exits are block by pallets/boxes or any other object
Notify personnel where the floor is messy (e.g. someone dropped a bottle of wine)
Be notified when a product is out of stock
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Public domain and transportation

Real time insights and alerts for all smart cities, transportation and traffic situations, with at least 95% accuracy in any condition! 
Detect pedestrians, busses, cyclists and cars and/or add your own object of interest.
Multilane/zone insights of traffic participants (e.g. on train platforms)
Detect realtime object on railroads
Grafitti detection (trains/metros and buildings)
Configurable alerts, for example when a car is on safety lane or when traffic is suddenly stagnating
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Your scenario, configured by us

Real time security that never sleeps

The next generation of Intrusion Detectors
Reduce falls alarms, detect any object of interest up to 97% accuracy
Not pixel motion detection based, but REAL AI with state of the art deep learning
Accurate in any lighting conditions or angle
Configure off hours and go/no-go zones
Get accurate real-time alerts on events that matter!
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About us

Leadership team

Jeroen Quakernaat
Product strategy
Pieter van der Gouwe
Sales & marketing
Kees Schollaart

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help

Can I see your solution in action?

Yes of course! Share your scenario and some video footage with us and we will bring our solution to live on your footage. Typical lead-time is only 14 days.

What do you mean with ‘on the edge’?

You don't need server or cloud infrastructure if you have a latest generation AI capable (edge) camera. Our models and solutions can be deployed entirely on the camera.

I don’t have an edge/AI cameras (yet). Is that a problem?

No, we understand you have an existing infrastructure. In case edge cameras are not available (yet), we can utilize existing camera and server infrastructure. As new deployments don't need servers, you can switch to the edge slowly once the current infrastructure is replaced by new (edge) cameras.

What integrations do you offer?

We provide a wide range of integrations, for example with your VMS, the camera's API's, your internal HTTP, MQTT API, etc... These integrations can be configured using the user interface.

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