Filter over 97% of false alarms.

Improve operator efficiency, respond quicker and scale your business.

One AI-platform to filter over 97% of false alarms.


Receive extremely reliable alerts and increase the effectiveness of your control room today
Respond to real threats
By reducing false alarms by 97%, operators can allocate more time to ‘real’ alarm verification, leading to a swifter response to actual threats.
Improve operator moral
Improve staff morale by reducing the overall alarm load and presenting only genuine alarms.
Plug and play
TrackThings for control rooms is easy to setup and integrate into your core processes. Start today!

Respond to real threats


Improve operator moral​


Get started today

Thanks to VI's TrackThings platform, BUKO Waakt is able to deliver the best Video Analytics available in the market to our customers.

99% of false alarms are filtered by TrackThings, thereby significantly increasing the quality in the control room. This ensures that the control room pays attention to what really needs attention!

The solution is user-friendly and scalable, which is why it fits in really well with the large number of units that we rent out as BUKO.

VI has a very pleasant team to work with. You can tell that the team has a consulting and enterprise background. They think along, want to understand your business and contribute to the growth of our business.

Bob Honout

BUKO Waakt

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