Introducing TrackThings

One platform to build and operate computer vision solutions without writing code​​

Enterprise ready computer vision applications

For creators, innovators and integrators!

TrackThings, the complete Computer Vision Suite for makers

You are a member of an innovation or computer vision team and would like to create and deploy your own video analytics modes and solution.

Great! With the VI TrackThings suite, you can build enterprise computer vision solutions in days, not months.

Your industry solution configured by us

You have specific business needs that requires advanced business logic. You would like us to configure a custom video analytics solution, tailored to your scenario.

No problem! Our TrackThings Platform enables us to rapidly create industry-specific Video Analytics solutions

Ready to use analytics operating on the edge

You want to utilize out–of-the-box video analytics operating on the  edge.

Great! Choose the analytics you are looking for from our catalogue, such as Intrusion Detection, Loitering alerts, License Plate Recognition (LPR), Camera Tampering Detection, Fall Detection, PPE Detection and more!

Actionable insights from highly accurate AI models

Detect and identify ANY custom object. From company car to forklift, from a monkey to a hardhat, from a container to a postal package. As long as you can see it with your eyes, we can identify it as an object.

Our collection of building blocks allows us to configure your solution rapidly and at scale. All solutions are open to adapt to specific locations and business requirements.

Get your location specific, adaptable video analytics solution. Implemented at scale and integrated with your VMS, EMS or management system!


Deployments of TrackThings applications globally! 


All solutions created with TrackThings are able to operate on the edge


Indicators at you fingertips in the workflow designer.  


Solutions perform up to 10+ FPS on the edge

Flagship products – operating on the edge

Meet our flagship products – operating on the edge
TrackThings for Logistics

Save costs and optimze key logistics processes.Transform your warehouse into a smart environment.

Learn more

TrackThings for Airports

Level up your airport security. Protect your premises, assets, and people.

Learn more

TrackThings for Smart Cities

Create safer, smarter and more efficient cities with out of the box & edge-based Video Analytics

Learn more

VI Care

Powerful healthcare solution that empowers caregivers with accurate alarms and the latest status of client ánd room.

Learn more

TrackThings Traffic

Get real-time insights in traffic flow and respond to traffic incidents promptly by receiving instant alerts.

Learn more

TrackThings for Control rooms

Filter 97% of false alarms. Improve operator efficiency, respond quicker and scale your business.

Learn more

TrackThings Retail

Improve your store operations and safety.

Learn more

Track Things Safety & Security

Experience peace of mind with our advanced video analytics solutions for robust surveillance and protection.

Learn more

TrackThings Manufacturing

Revolutionize your manufacturing processes today.

Learn more

Partnering with Vision Intelligence has been a game-changer for Abu Dhabi City. The versatility of the TrackThings Suite has allowed us to effortlessly scale on the edge, providing a significant boost to our development initiatives.

The numerous integration possibilities have streamlined our processes, making our workflow more efficient than ever before.

The VI team's commitment to excellence and their fast, flexible approach make them an invaluable partner. It's not just a software solution; it has been a transformative experience for us!

Hossam Kasem

Chief Executive Officer - ITS & IT Solutions

Thanks to VI's TrackThings platform, BUKO Waakt is able to deliver the best Video Analytics available in the market to our customers.

99% of false alarms are filtered by TrackThings, thereby significantly increasing the quality in the control room. This ensures that the control room pays attention to what really needs attention!

The solution is user-friendly and scalable, which is why it fits in really well with the large number of units that we rent out as BUKO.

VI has a very pleasant team to work with. You can tell that the team has a consulting and enterprise background. They think along, want to understand your business and contribute to the growth of our business.

Bob Honout

BUKO Waakt

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