AI video analytics solutions

Actionable insights from highly accurate AI models.

Our Solutions

Ready to use customizable solutions, integrated with your VMS.

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Traffic Management

Real time insights and alerts for all traffic situations, with at least 95% accuracy in any condition!

Detect pedestrians, busses, cyclists and cars and/or add your own object of interest.
Multilane/zone insights of traffic participants
Configurable alerts, for example when a car is on safety lane or when traffic is suddenly stagnating

Industrial safety & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Safeguard your employees and keep operations running.

PPE compliance detection (hard hats, safety glasses and much more)
Guard no-go area/zone based on time or equipment
Objects, tools or vehicles left unattended.
Start solving critical safety challenges
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Manufacturing and Logistics

Transform your warehouse or factory into a smart environment

Insights and alerts on productivity and malfunctions
Assembly line stagnation detection
Object tracking, count and zone detection
Start transforming your factory or warehouse today!


The next generation of Intrusion Detectors

Reduce falls alarms, detect any object of interest up to 97% accuracy
AI (not pixel) based, accurate in any lighting conditions or angle
Configure off hours and go/no-go zones
Get accurate real-time alerts on events that matter!
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Your scenario, configured by us

We are often asked whether we can configure a solution for specific needs. Our answer always comes in 3 simple guidelines

Everything you can see with the camera, we can detect and use in our models/solutions
If the business logic can be described in words, we can configure and create this in our models and solutions
Let’s be pragmatic. Send over your scenario and video footage and get the conversations started!

We look forward hearing from you about your specific needs!

Our Vision

The founding vision of our solutions platform in 3 bullets:

Our collection of building blocks allow our customers to configure their solutions without the need of a software/AI engineer. All our solutions are open to adapt to a specific locations or business requirements.
Edge First
Pushed by privacy, security and cost, more and more AI solutions will need to run on the camera, even more so in the future. All our solutions are designed to be able to run on the camera.
Cost Efficient
Utilize existing camera and server server infrastructure where needed. New deployments don't need a server to run the AI Solutions.

Open Platform

Our Object Analytics platform enables us to rapidly deploy industry-specific Object Analytics solutions. What AI-based video analytics solutions can deliver?

Detect any objects of any type, from car to forklift, from monkey to hardhat
Track movement or behaviour of objects over time
Draw intelligent conclusions based on behaviour, change in movement/direction, a zone, line crossing, etc.
No more false detection by random pixel movement caused by weather conditions, trees, etc.

Our solutions can be deployed directly to your latest generation AI-camera's or to your (edge) server. Leverage the latest AI models without the need of writing custom code or having a data science degree.

We have done the hard work to package these innovations in our platform. Now you can start using them, without any code to write, model to train or server to buy.

7 reasons why clients work with us

Key Characteristics of our AI Video Analytics Solutions

Highly accurate objects of interest detection

Never miss a critical event and don’t get overwhelmed by false positives. With the state-of-the-art AI models, we only detect objects of interest. No video data quality loss in compression and transmission as we operate directly on the video source.

Location specific AI model

We provide the capability to create a location or scenario- specific AI model to achieve the highest possible model accuracy. Import images from your camera directly to your models dataset. Deploy this specialized model to the edge.


You don't need server or cloud infrastructure if you have a latest generation AI capable camera. Our models and solutions can be deployed entirely on a camera. For remote locations it's often required not to be dependant on an (often unreliable and expensive) cellular connection.


Respond to an intruder or critical business event in milliseconds! Our solutions run realtime so (on the edge) we can guarantee latencies below 50 milliseconds.

Privacy First

Security and privacy concerns are pushing video analytics to the edge. Continuous streaming of sensitive data should not be needed any more.

Protect the privacy of your people and company!

Only upload the events and images that meet certain conditions to a VMS or EMS.

Easy to use -- Self Service

No Data Scientist or IT Expert required to configure, deploy or run the solution. It comes with easy-to-use configuration panel and analytics view.


We provide a wide range of integrations, for example with the VMS, the camera's API's, your internal HTTP API, etc... These integrations can be configured using the user interface.

On Your Camera

The latest generation of (security) cameras are equipped with AI chips that can run AI Analytics. It is our mission to democratize this embedded AI potential. This is why all our models and solutions are optimized to run 'on' these AI-Capable camera models. Truly offline!

Our story

Vision Intelligence B.V. is founded in 2020 by Jeroen Quakernaat and Kees Schollaart. With lots of experience with SaaS and AI software development for the enterprises, Jeroen and Kees left Microsoft with a mission. Recently joined by Pieter van der Gouwe who joined Vision Intelligence as Co-Owner and CCO in 2022.

We saw companies struggling with often complex and expensive AI Video Analytics engineering projects, most of these projects could have been realized with a dozen of generic building blocks ('lego pieces'). It is our mission to enable ourselves and our customers to rapidly develop these AI solutions with less complexity/investments. Our AI Video Analytics platform enables our customer to use the latest AI Innovations, on the edge, without custom code.

Our product/platform vision is rooted in our experiences from working with global SaaS, IoT and AI vendors. Build with modern technologies, our platform designed to be scaled for large operations.


Our solutions are based on a per-camera license fee.

We start with a pilot project to showcase and validate the solution. After the pilot project we convert to the scaling phase with a per-camera pricing model and a yearly support fee based on the number of camera's in use.

Curious to learn more? Contact us, we're happy to learn about your scenario and can give you a quote in a day.


Together we can achieve more, we work closely together with the companies listed below.


Our solutions are natively integrated in the Axis Application platform and our solutions ship as ACAP's, where possible utilizing Axis DLPU chips. We focus on the innovative software solutions we work with the Axis hardware vendors and silver/gold integration partners.


If you want, our platform can integrate with the Microsoft Azure IoT suite directly. Ingest events and telemetry data or configure our solution via a secure cloud backend.

These are some of our customers and integration partners:

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