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Powerful Video Analytics AI platform for enterprises. One platform, operating on the Edge.

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Everything for computer vision under one roof

Bring your ideas to life faster than ever before

Whether you're a developer or solution consultant or innovation specialist, TrackThings gives you the tools to create, test and iterate quickly.
A unified no-code platform, easy to use and build to scale. Everything you need to build your AI solution.
Stay ahead of the curve and take your computer vision projects to the next level!

Develop, test, deploy and operate

Build for Business Impact.

Save time and resources: decrease time to market, simplify deployments and maintenance.
Build better solutions faster: Get instant feedback on your work by using the evidence portal.
Ready to go? Use VI operate to scale across (internal) users and customers.

Packed with powerful features

Everything you need in one platform

All the tools and resources you need to push the boundaries of what's possible with computer vision technology.

Craft your own solution


TrackThings enables you to create your own Computer Vision AI model, enabling you to detect any type of object. Training extremely accurate neural networks has never been easier. Annotate or import pre-annotated datasets. Keep track of the quality of your models with the build-in test module.

Detect any object of interest
Annotate & import pre-annotated datasets
Develop and maintain your custom dataset(s)
Train and manage AI Models
Test module: For quality assurance

Business logic that works for your scenario


Configure business logic that works with your scenario. Use the no-code business logic designer and create re-usable templated solutions to scale easily. Choose from a selection of more than 60+ indicators and building blocks and configure 'if this then that' scenarios yourself.

Business logic that works for your scenario
No-code business logic designer
The 'if this then that' for CV
60+ indicators included
Scale with templates

Leverage a wide array of integration options


Integrate your computer vision AI model with core processes using TrackThings. Configure real-time integrations with local and cloud-based systems using standardized integrations with VMS and WMS platforms. Send KPIs and events to management dashboards. Use MQTT, HTTP, and other standards to create custom integrations. TrackThings offers an API and transforms an AI-camera into an IoT "softsensor".

Mission critical integrations for core processes
Standard integrations with VMS, WMS, etc.
Integrate with management dashboards through standard protocol integrations for MQTT, HTTP, etc.
Build in api’s for sensor data and operational statuses

Be in control when projects scale

Deploy and Scale

TrackThings is designed for scale. Deploy and manage your computer vision AI model on the edge to AI-enabled cameras and devices, or to servers for existing camera infrastructure. Manage the lifecycle of your AI models, and the no-code solution templates. Automated model conversions support a wide range of deployments. TrackThings: one platform to deploy and scale.

Designed for scale
Full edge deployment to AI-enabled cameras and devices
Server deployment for existing camera infrastructure
Lifecycle management for AI Models
Lifecycle management for no-code solution templates Automated model conversions to support wide range of deployments
One platform to scale

Operational excellence as key principle

Be in control

Manage your projects, users and solutions with ease. TrackThings gives you complete control over your video analytics lifecycle and infrastructure. Monitor health states for all your sites, real-time. Get insights in operational model and solution performance to keep track of efficiency and performance. Integrate with your service/ticketing system by using our API.

Manage your projects, locations, users, solution (template) and versions
Monitor and integrate health state for all your sites
Keep track of model/solution performance from field
Integrate with service and ticketing systems by using our API.

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